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Sally's Corner Heart Mont
February 28, 2017

Sally’s Corner Heart Month

Keep up with the beat. It’s Heart Health reminder for February 2017!! The heart is the most important muscle in the body. It is a muscle that functions and contracts like an arm muscle, or a leg muscle.  It never stops beating as we go about our daily lives. Our hearts work hard pushing blood, oxygen and nutrients to the... read more
Health Blog: June - Strok
June 1, 2015

Health Blog: June – Stroke

June – Stroke Reduce your chances of a stroke – Anyone can have a stroke, including young healthy people, but some of us are more at risk. Stroke has many of the same risk factors as heart disease. Although we can’t control some risk factors, such as age, there are many we can control. Risks that can be controlled or... read more
Health Blog: May - Asthma
May 1, 2015

Health Blog: May – Asthma

May – Asthma Get the Most From Your Asthma Action Plan – Living a full and active life with asthma means knowing the signs and symptoms of worsening asthma and knowing what to do if that happens. An asthma action plan is a series of steps to help you monitor your asthma and decide what to do in various situations.... read more
Health Blog: April - Canc
April 1, 2015

Health Blog: April – Cancer

April – Cancer Skin cancer facts – Almost all skin cancers are preventable. However, it takes about 10 to 20 years or more for skin cancers to develop, which means that a cancer discovered in your 50s may be due to sun exposure in your early 20s. But even if you have missed on prevention, there is some good news:... read more
Health Blog: March - Nutr
March 1, 2015

Health Blog: March – Nutrition

March – Nutrition What makes up a balanced diet? – While many nutrients can be produced by the body, other nutrients – called essential nutrients – cannot. Therefore, we must supply them through our diet: the foods we eat and drink. Essential nutrients include 9 of the 20 amino acids found in proteins, certain fatty acids found in fats and oils, and... read more
Health Blog: February - H
February 1, 2015

Health Blog: February – Heart Health

February – Heart Health Understanding High Blood Pressure – High blood pressure is the result of blood pressing too tightly against the inner walls of blood vessels (veins and arteries). High blood pressure is also sometimes called hypertension. Untreated high blood pressure puts stress on many of your internal organs, such as your heart, kidney, and brain, and can lead to... read more
Health Blog: January - Sm
January 1, 2015

Health Blog: January – Smoking

January – Smoking Quitting Smoking – how will I deal with cravings? – Cigarette cravings are an unavoidable reality when you’re quitting smoking. They’re something you have to get through to get the benefits – but the benefits are worth it. Your cravings will be strongest during the first 4 to 5 days after you quit. How do you deal... read more
Health Blog: December - H
December 1, 2014

Health Blog: December – Health Celebrations

December – Healthy Celebrations Holiday survival guide – ”Tis the season for feasting, drinking, and family gatherings! It”s too bad that these activities often come with some not-so-welcome guests: heartburn, hangovers, and stress, which can dampen anyone”s spirits. Fortunately, there are simple strategies to send these problems packing. Don’t show up hungry! The keys to preventing heartburn, indigestion, and weight gain... read more
Health Blog: November - D
November 1, 2014

Health Blog: November – Diabetes

November – Diabetes Monitoring blood glucose levels – The Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA) recommends that people with diabetes who are using insulin more than once a day should self-monitor their blood glucose levels at least 3 times a day. The CDA also recommends that people with type 2 diabetes who use insulin once a day should test their blood glucose... read more
Health Blog: October - Co
October 1, 2014

Health Blog: October – Cold and Flu

October – Cold & Flu Tips on prevention – The most effective way to decrease complications and reduce the impact of the flu is to get a preventative vaccine shot. The North American vaccine is developed each year to work against three strains of influenza virus, based on trends seen in the Southern Hemisphere. The best time for vaccination is... read more
Health Blog: September -
September 1, 2014

Health Blog: September – Arthritis

September – Arthritis Don’t let arthritis keep you down – Living with arthritis means learning how to manage the symptoms and maximize mobility, and, for some types of arthritis, slowing down the progression of the disease with medications. First, see your doctor if you haven’t already. Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications can make it easier for you to move around, and... read more
Health Blog: August - Exe
August 1, 2014

Health Blog: August – Exercise and Fitness

August – Exercise & Fitness 3 EASY WAYS TO GET ACTIVE NOW – Exercise isn’t just good for your body – it’s also good for your mental health. Physical activity helps you: feel good about yourself and your body, work out negative feelings, lift your mood, and enjoy social connections with other active people. You don’t need to join a... read more
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